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RoggyDog® RollEase Buddy

RoggyDog® RollEase Buddy

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Get ready for tail-wagging tech-powered playtime with the RoggyDog® RollEase Buddy! 🐾🎉 This isn't just a ball – it's a revolutionary, self-rolling marvel that guarantees your pup endless fun. Get ready to redefine fetch and unleash a whole new level of doggie delight!


  • Electrically Epic: Say goodbye to manual chasing – this ball has a built-in electric motor! Simply charge it up, turn it on, and watch the magic unfold.

  • Easy-Peasy Control: Turn on the excitement with a quick, breezy press of the on-off key. But wait, there's more! Long press the power button to switch between smart and normal modes.

  • Smart Mode, Smart Pup: In the blue-lit smart mode, the ball's your dog's new best friend. It runs for 5 minutes, then waits in standby mode for a high-five (or a slap!) to restart the fun.

  • Normal Mode, Extraordinary Play: Opt for the green-lit normal mode, and the ball goes all-out for 5 minutes of non-stop action before turning off automatically – talk about a show-stopper!

Charging Made Cool:

  • Red Light Alert: Blinking red means battery's down – time to juice up!

  • Charging Indicator: When you see that blinking blue light, you know the fun's recharging.

  • Green Means Go: Once the green light stays steady, you're in the clear – fully charged and ready for a paw-some adventure!

Unleash a playtime revolution and give your pup the ultimate gift of RollEase Buddy fun. Let's roll into a future of fetch they won't forget – order now and treat your furry friend to a one-of-a-kind play experience! 🐶🎾🚀

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Elevate Walks: All-in-One Convenience Awaits!

"Elevate Walks: RoggyDog® 4 in 1 Revolutionizes Your Routine. No more juggling – enjoy treats, water, waste bags, ball thrower all in one. Crafted from safe, BPA-free material for healthier play. Upgrade to hassle-free walks and joyful bonding now!"

Choose Your Style

Dive into a world of tail-wagging style with choices that match your vibe – select from our four vibrant colors and styles to suit your whimsy. Whether it's the 300ml version, with or without a food container, or the playful 500ml variant, we've got the perfect match for your pup's personality and your on-the-go adventures!

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Joy for Dogs, Simplicity for Owners

At the heart of our mission lies the utmost happiness of our beloved canine companions. With our revolutionary 4-in-1 RoggyDog®, we ensure their joy while simultaneously simplifying the lives of owners – a genuine game-changer that reflects our commitment to both pets and their caregivers. Welcome to a new era of pet care innovation.

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Revolutionising Travel with Your Furry Friend

Say goodbye to travel hassles with your furry friend – the RoggyDog Dispenser's revolutionary 4-in-1 design, featuring water, treat, ball thrower, and waste bag functionalities, redefines convenience for dog owners on the go. Streamline your adventures and make every journey a breeze with this all-inclusive travel essential.

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  • All-in-One Convenience

    RoggyDog 4 in 1 consolidates treats, water, waste bags, and a ball thrower into a single, compact solution, revolutionizing the way you walk your dog.

  • Enhanced Playtime

    With immediate access to treats, water, and a ball thrower, your dog's playtime becomes more engaging and enjoyable, creating lasting memories.

  • Health-Conscious Design

    Crafted from durable, BPA-free materials, RoggyDog 4 in 1 not only simplifies walks but also ensures the well-being of your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RoggyDog 4 in 1 suitable for different dog sizes?

Absolutely! The RoggyDog 4 in 1 is designed to cater to various dog sizes and breeds. Its versatility ensures that dogs of all sizes can enjoy its features.

Can I regulate the water flow for my dog's comfort?

Yes, you can! The RoggyDog 4 in 1 features a water dispenser with adjustable water pressure. This allows you to control the height of the water flow, ensuring your dog's comfort while staying hydrated during walks.

Is the product safe for my dog?

Absolutely. The RoggyDog 4 in 1 is crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials that are safe for your furry friend. Additionally, its non-slip design ensures stability during play and use.

What material is the product made from, and is it durable?

The RoggyDog 4 in 1 is constructed from a durable ABS + PC blend, making it highly resilient and built to withstand outdoor use. Its robust material ensures long-lasting performance.

Does the product come with a warranty?

Yes, the RoggyDog® 4 in 1 comes with a 12 month warranty, ensuring your peace of mind and product satisfaction.


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